My short film “Two Stoners” is an official selection of the Focus International Film Festival 2023. You can see the film here:

American Golden Pictures did an interview with me here:

John Angell Grant makes short films. Click on the links below to see some of them. 

This work evolved out of a class at Stanford on how to make movies on the iPhone. The moderator posts a new topic every week. The titles below mirror back pre-assigned weekly topics.

52a, The broken mirror

52, End with a bang….

51, Family…x

50, Tradition

49, Simple

48, A remake….

47, Sound on!

46, A story….

45, Whatever you like….

44, Where my feet go

42, Silent (version 2)

41b, Lost and found….

41a, Animals are fun….

39, My spaces….

36, Day in a life….

35a, Tough times

33a, I’ve lost my shoes….

33, Back and forth

31, Up close

31a, I forgot to close the door…

26, Work

24, Up

15, Morning routine

14, On the table

8, Reveal

7, Hit the road

3, Show your process of making something….

You can also see short films on John’s YouTube page here.