Episode 12 (10.01.16)

When my wife went off on business trips or to conferences, she slept with various guys she met. That was part of her recreational attitude towards romance.

Episode 11 (09.30.16)

“So what happened to your marriage?” I asked. I was guessing she had told me a lie about not being married.

Episode 9 (09.28.16)

Oxana’s father had beaten up her own mother; and the first thing her mother had done when she got U.S. citizenship was to divorce her father.

Episode 8 (09.27.16)

“The privileged and aristocratic classes have always philandered,” she said. “It’s part of our economic status. “

Episode 7 (09.26.16)

The detective looked at me. “Do the two of you sleep together?” she asked?

Episode 6 (09.24.16)

I left the appointment feeling unsettled. What kind of shrink would ask you if you killed your wife?

Episode 5 (09.23.16)

“You’re just not a good businessman,” my wife said to me. “You’ll be better at home wearing an apron and taking care of the house.” Download Episode 5

Episode 4 (09.22.16)

It’s just that my wife was incredibly difficult to get along with. If you’d had to live with her for eight years, you’d understand. You’d probably want to kill her, too. In fact, I’m certain of it.

Episode 3 (09.21.16)

“What am I doing in this marriage, with this angry woman, who is always criticizing me, and making my life miserable?”