Episode 65 (11-21-15)

In the morning, while Christi was brushing her teeth, she noticed a tiny wrinkle between her brows. She freaked out. “OMG,” she exclaimed, “I’m not even 25 years old, and it is time for Botox.”

She called Skin Spirit and made a same-day appointment with therapist Melanie.

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Cosmetically challenged

Palo Alto’s Sunday California Avenue farmer’s market….

Tom Ammon and Stewart Lyle in “A Package for Max” at the Pear Avenue Theater in Mountain View

Leighanna Edwards and Nadine Chiarito in John Angell Grant’s play “Recess” at the Labor Day Theatre Festival in Belmont, CA

Jan Zvaifler and T. Mikel in John Angell Grant’s “Breakfast” at the Bare Stage in Berkeley

Rhonda Joy Taylor and Dorothea Standish in John Angell Grant’s play “Skunk” at Onstage Theater, Martinez, CA.