Episode 71 (11-30-15)

A father decides to bill his teenage son $30,000 a year for the cost of raising him in Palo Alto…..

Episode 70 (11-28-15)

“Sometimes mom and dad would stand in the front yard of our Southgate house and yell at each other about who was drunker,” said Miranda. “’You’re drunker than I am!’ she would shout. ‘No, you’re drunker than I am,’ he would shout back.”

Episode 69 (11-27-15)

“I didn’t take my mother with me because she had drunk a fifth of vodka the night before, and was passed out on the living room sofa when I left early in the morning for my San Francisco meeting.”

Episode 68 (11-25-15)

“It runs in our family,” said Miranda. “Both of my parents—your grandmother and grandfather—were alcoholics. And my brother Tom—your father—was a drug addict. It’s our family tradition.”

Episode 67 (11-24-15)

Miranda reflected on times as a teenager when she’d leave her summer job at the bank and go over to East Palo Alto with her paycheck to buy cocaine for all her friends.

Episode 66 (11-23-15)

Miranda remembered Whiskey Gulch well—the seedy Tenderloin strip just across the East Palo Alto border, where her father got drunk many times. Even in those days Whiskey Gulch was the relic of an older time, when Stanford enforced rigorous blue lawS, and very little alcohol was served in Palo Alto proper.

Episode 65 (11-21-15)

In the morning, while Christi was brushing her teeth, she noticed a tiny wrinkle between her brows. She freaked out.

“OMG,” she exclaimed, “I’m not even 25 years old, and it is time for Botox.”

She called Skin Spirit and made a same-day appointment with therapist Melanie.

Episode 64 (11-20-15)

Jeremy drove onto the highway. With his feet off the pedals, the car sped up or slowed down on its own, depending on how close the vehicle in front was; and what he had set his speed limit for.

“Take your hands off the wheel,” said Christi. Jeremy took his hands off the wheel. As the highway curved to the left, the car curved to the left. As the highway curved to the right, the car curved to the right.

Episode 63 (11-19-15)

Subconsciously Miranda had known it was safe to fall in love with a gay man—that she would never be asked to be fully present in an intimate relationship.