Episode 20 (9-30-15)

Carl laughed at the idea of pursuing a career burglarizing houses in Palo Alto. Now that his third start-up had failed, he was thrashing around for a job.

As a teenager, growing up on the Peninsula, Carl had done some burglaries, and found, as a kid, it wasn’t a bad way to make money–providing you didn’t get caught. With a 13-year-old friend, he had stolen televisions, VCRs, radios, and some jewelry; and fenced them at pawnshops in San Francisco and Oakland.

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Castilljea living room window

Palo Alto home….

Tom Ammon and Stewart Lyle in “A Package for Max” at the Pear Avenue Theater in Mountain View

Leighanna Edwards and Nadine Chiarito in John Angell Grant’s play “Recess” at the Labor Day Theatre Festival in Belmont, CA

Jan Zvaifler and T. Mikel in John Angell Grant’s “Breakfast” at the Bare Stage in Berkeley

Rhonda Joy Taylor and Dorothea Standish in John Angell Grant’s play “Skunk” at Onstage Theater, Martinez, CA.